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Making the most of summer during lockdown

This summer is one like no other. There is not a single person unaffected by Covid-19, with some more greatly impacted than others, at a minimum we are all in lockdown. So, with everything going, on how can we attempt to make such a difficult time into something potentially positive? A way to look at lockdown could be that it’s a rare opportunity of free time. If you are like me and not working currently, this vast amount of free time probably won’t be coming back around again too soon. When you get into this mind set it then allows you to wonder, how can I make the most of this summer during lockdown?

1. Preparing for life after lockdown

For me this took the form of revamping my work portfolio and CV. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages, so what a perfect time to throw myself into it. With these in place I now feel ready for job applications after lockdown. This lead onto job hunting, there are plenty of places still posting job vacancies whether it be socially distanced, remote or for post-Covid roles.

2. Getting back into hobbies

In lockdown, you may find yourself severely bored, this is where old hobbies can resurface. During my final year of university, I was fully committed to my work, and this lead to me slacking on my hobbies. Things I love to do which I felt like I didn’t do enough of such as: painting, drawing, crocheting, baking, makeup, suddenly I have all the time in the world to do them all. Take the time to rediscover things you love to do.

3. Discovering new hobbies

A really positive thing to be doing is discovering new hobbies or learning new things. For me I have been trying to get more into fitness. With the lack of activity and movement associated with quarantining, I thought it would be beneficial to do some at-home-workouts using online videos, which then progressed to a daily activity. This has brought so much structure to my days in a time in which all the days seem to blur into one. I am now determined to keep up this new hobby post-lockdown.

4. Making plans

Finally, whilst we are all doing our part and staying at home when possible, we can plan for the days when we can do whatever and go wherever we want. If you are fortunate enough to be able to be saving some money over this summer then put it towards your plans for after lockdown. Have something to look forward to, something good to come out the other end of this. Set goals, and set to achieve them. Don’t see this summer as wasted time but rather a chance to progress.

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