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My experience at the Manchester Fashion Institute

As a Fashion Promotion graduate I started at Manchester Fashion Institute 3 years ago. It’s been an exciting and inspiring 3 years full of learning and creative development. When you click on the Manchester Fashion Institute website you’ll be greeted by a summary paragraph. There are a few statements within this that I would like to bring attention to, due their accuracy and how much I believe in them.

“We believe in talent and industry” this was clear every step of the way, a constant link through to industry within everything we did so that we could see why we were doing projects and how it will help us after graduation. Both our talent and our knowledge of industry was enriched within this course with practical units underpinned by academic writing and business style reports.

“We thrive on independence and invention” during my time at the institute tutors helped to highlight what makes me unique, what made me stand out from classmates and they nurtured that. They praised and admired brave choices and pushed you further as a creator, rewarding risks and experimental styles of working.

“We inspire and empower.” Tutors take their real-world knowledge and experience to help us in our projects. Learning from not only the tutors but guest tutors and speakers all with backgrounds in industry, this sheds light on expectations and how we can tailor our work to be professional standard.

My time at the institute taught me a lot, I have left with a versatile skill set and a deeper knowledge of the fashion industry as a whole. It has allowed me to learn new skills and supported me along the way with a focus on workshop style learning and extra optional classes on top. Not only have I developed my visual practice in media’s such as film making, illustration, graphic design and photography, but I have also progressed my written communication. I now have a full portfolio demonstrating a wide range of capabilities tailored to attract employers with a clear specialism and sense of who I am as a creative. I feel ready for the real world now, but I am sad to be saying goodbye to MFI.

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