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My journey to Manchester Met

My journey to Manchester Metropolitan University began over 3 years ago now when I decided I wanted to go to university. Sat here now as a graduate with my certificate and everything (ceremony pending post covid-19) I can reflect on how I ended up at Man Met.

I started by thinking about the type of course I wanted to do. This part took the longest and is a decision not to be made lightly. For me I knew I wanted to do something creative with lots of practical coursework, where I could learn new skills that I have never had the opportunity to before. This thinking led me to researching various Marketing courses, which unlocked a whole plethora of courses I had no clue even existed. Everyone knows the traditional courses inside of the realm of subjects we study at school, but remember that beyond those there are so many subjects out there that could be perfect for you that you just haven’t discovered yet. So, research, research, research is so important, broaden your search and look at the course lists of a variety of universities to get the scope of what’s out there. Once you have a general idea you can start to narrow down course based on the course content and what they offer. For me specifically, my marketing research led to me finding a few Fashion Promotion courses (course names differing across universities) with the premise of marketing and promotion targeting the fashion industry. This appealed to me as it was an industry of interest for me to pursue as a career.

Once I knew this is want I wanted to do, I attended open days of my favourite courses and went from there. Of course, the title of this blog is a spoiler of which uni I chose. Attending the open day at Man Met sealed the deal for me. I already knew it was one of my top choices from online research into the course reputation and its content. To list a few plus points of the course; it’s option to take a placement year with opportunities abroad, industry connections in Manchester (a hub for fashion and beauty), industry professionals as tutors, 100% coursework. These things all caught my attention but walking into Righton building grabbed it, it was a stunning uni building, with big windows and plants everywhere and beautiful architectural detailing, so light and fresh. Everyone there was so friendly and as a smaller building on campus it had a community feeling. When I got to the room in which the tutors had displayed current students work and listening to the projects they had undertaken I could tell that this was the course for me. The deal was then sweetened by the location, I have always admired Manchester and been eager to visit the city. Over the course of my open day I took the time to explore not only the uni but the surroundings and after the day I was sold, this was the uni for me!

I then took the next steps by listing Manchester Metropolitan as my first-choice university along with my UCAS application and personal statement for Fashion Promotion. This was followed by me receiving an unconditional offer which I excitingly accepted. Come September I was loading up the car and moving to Manchester to start my degree. Even now that I have graduated, I feel in love with Manchester so much that I am still living here today.

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