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My University trip to Copenhagen

I recently went on a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark during the Fashion week there, this is a trip available to Fashion Promotion students and one I was very keen to go on. As soon as I heard there was a trip to Copenhagen I knew I defiantly wanted to go as it was somewhere I had never been before and wouldn’t usually get the chance to visit.

The first day was very relaxed, we went straight to the Hostel we were staying in and as Hostels go it was pretty nice and then had the evening to ourselves to explore and find somewhere to eat.

The next day we had tickets to the CIFF fashion trade show, which is a massive event and for a fashion student was very exciting. It was basically clothes heaven, rooms and rooms filled with brands, some completely new to me, you could very easily get lost in there it was a maze. After that, us being fashion students of course we had to look up where was best for shopping and then decided to go to Fields which is the second biggest shopping centre in Denmark and one of the largest in Scandinavia- I managed to resist buying anything though, I don’t know how, there were so many interesting shops some I’d never been in before. We somehow managed to get around that day after ages of trying to work out the Metro, there was a point where I didn’t know if we would make it, as none of us knew any Danish or how the Metro worked.

On the third day, we went to yet another fashion trade show called The Revolver and then packed our day full of tourist activities. We didn’t bother with confusing public transport this day and decided to walk around instead but regretted it after a while as it was freezing and on and off snowing. One of the best-known locations in Copenhagen is Nyhavn, its basically this canal lined with brightly coloured houses, it’s such a beautiful location and very cute with all the love locks along the bridge. Our hostel was literally right around the corner from it, so we walked down it almost every day. We also visited Amalienborg Palace and Frederiks Church.

For the last full day, we went to what was my favourite pace we visited the whole trip, Tivoli Gardens. Luckily it had reopened for the new year whilst we were there. The whole park was covered in fake snow and there were lights and snowmen everywhere. It was a Winter Wonderland and made me feel more festive than I did at Christmas. Then the next day we were on the flight home, and if I’m honest by this point I was missing my little Uni Halls bedroom and my own space after sharing a room with 7 other people so I was ok to be leaving.

What I noticed was very different about going on a trip with University compared to school trips is that you are a lot more independent and have a lot more freedom. The tutors brought us tickets and arranged activities and talks for us to attend but what we did and when was completely up to us, we also had to make our own way around. I barely saw the tutors the whole time we were there, and we basically just did whatever we wanted.

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