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Vegan Fashion


Over the past few years there has been a cultural shift. Since 2014 the number of Vegans in the UK has doubled yearly with 600,000 Vegans reported in 2018 and that number is on the rise. (Brown, 2019). Veganism doesn’t just apply to what we eat but also what we wear with “Materials such as Leather, Wool and Silk” being “out of bounds for vegans” (Brown, 2019: online). With this clear trend toward cruelty free fashion, brands need to start seeing vegan style as a selling point and provide consumers with more options. According to Hitwise, from 2015- 2018 there was a 39% increase in web searches for vegan fashion or vegan clothes in the UK demonstrating a demand for it and a potential gap in the market for brands to expand into. Consumers are wising up to the reality of animal cruelty in fashion, they are growing more and more conscious of their purchases and brands shouldn’t under estimate this so called ‘trend’.  One brand that are an example of the success that can be had from vegan products is Dr Martens. They have profited significantly on the back of veganism; since the introduction of their cruelty- free range, profits have increased by 70%. In recent times, even luxury brands have been beginning to take steps towards more animal- friendly ranges with big names such as Versace, Michael Kors and Gucci no longer using real fur. As well as these individuals, the British Fashion Council have made the decision to ban animal fur from every fashion show during London Fashion Week 2018. In a press release they stated that they want to continue to encourage designers “to make ethical choices when it comes to their selection of materials and supply chain.” (Kratofil, 2019) 















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